Early Career Teachers – Setting up for Success

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The ‘Early Career Teachers -  Setting up for Success’ workshop is a key part of the Early Career Teacher Development program. We recommend you view the Beginning your career with the department animation to provide you with an overview of the resources and professional learning opportunities available within this program.

This 2-day workshop will provide essential information, guidance and strategies to support your development as  an effective teacher and build your understanding of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers  as you transition from ‘graduate’ to ‘proficient’. You will work with colleagues and engage in learning related to:
  • planning your professional development
  • intentional and responsive learning design – the what and how for a positive learning culture
  • working within a curriculum framework
  • identifying evidence that demonstrates your impact as a teacher through reflective practice
  • building a professional portfolio.

Presenter: Project officers from the Early Career Teacher Development program and the Learning Improvement Division
Enquiries: Please contact the Teacher Standards and Certification team with any queries:
Phone: (08) 8226 4183
Email: DECD.StandardsCertification@sa.gov.au
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