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13 Aug 2019 10:00
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13 Aug 2019 14:00
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Student Volunteering  - 13 August 10-2pm
Venue: Function room, Cafe Outside the Square, 44 Whitmore Square Adelaide 

By introducing volunteering concepts and experiences into school curriculum, students achieve significant benefits to their learning, wellbeing and development.

These benefits include learning work and life skills, developing empathy for others, enhanced feelings of personal worth, finding their purpose and making education engaging and meaningful.

This information session will provide staff with support to implement the departments new online student volunteer – teacher toolkit. The toolkit has been developed to support educators in embedding volunteer principles and practices into everyday classroom activity. The tools are on the internet at

We will take you step by step through the stages of the toolkit and share with you templates, lesson plans and a wide range of information to help build on volunteering work that students are already doing or which will help to create a new volunteer program that links to the Australian curriculum. Teachers can make changes to the toolkit to suit their students’ age and abilities.

Enquiries: Heidi Unferdorben
Senior Policy and Project Officer Volunteers
Start date
13-Aug-2019 10:00
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13-Aug-2019 14:00
Tracey Wallace, Service Learning Coordinator, Scotch College, formerly at Ocean View College and 
Heidi Unferdorben, Senior Policy and Project Officer, Volunteers, Department for Education and Chair, Student Volunteering Champions Group. 

Tracey and Heidi are also members of the Curriculum of Giving -Student Volunteering Working Group, Volunteering Strategy for SA (2014-2020). They are passionate about providing opportunities for school students to give, grow and evolve through a curriculum of giving.